Tips(Power Automate Desktop)


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How to use line breaks in expressions.

How to use tab characters.

How to extract only numbers from text (keep only numbers).

How to remove numbers from text.

How to remove text, from the left or right, by specifying the number of characters.

How to leave text with a specified number of characters from the left or right.

How to extract characters before, after, or between specific text.


Obtain the number, total, average, maximum, and minimum of the numbers in the list.

Methods for round down, round up, and round off small number values.

How to judge even/odd numbers.

How to get absolute values.

How to get the quotient and remainder of a division.

Conditional branch

How to set IF conditions in Or and And.

How to get the earlier or later date.Date and time comparison.

Date and Time

How to truncate the time portion from the date and time

How to get the Previous day, First day of month, End of month, and Number of days in month.

How to get the day of the week from a date.

Microsoft Excel

How to value paste value in Excel.

How to get the last row and last column of an Excel book.

Create a table of contents for sheet names in an Excel book.

Move to the specified cell in the Excel book.

Delete rows of Excel with specific conditions.

Insert empty rows in Excel worksheet, one row at a time.

How to open Excel in the background.

How to delete multiple rows/columns in Excel.

Excel cell format.

Excel Filter

How to read an Excel file and process it line by line in a loop.

Use Excel to perform calculations efficiently

How to convert between Roman numerals and Arabic numerals.
How to rank a list of numbers.
How to get the median.
How to get the mode.
How to get the deviation.
How to get the standard deviation.
How to get the least common multiple and greatest common divisor.

How to rank a list of numbers.

Date and Time
How to get the last business day of the specified month.
How to get the number of business days for a specify month.
How to get the number of business days within a specified period.

File / Folder

What to do if the specified file does not exist.

How to deal with the case where the specified file already exists.

How to convert CSV files to Excel files.

How to convert Excel files to CSV files.

How to put today's date in a folder name or file name.

How to convert Excel and PDF files to each other.

How to save the contents of a PDF to a text file.

Web Browser

Example of simple web browser auto-operation: auto-filling a web form.


Sending and receiving Gmail

Send newsletter. Email one line at a time from an Excel book.

How to record the contents of an incoming email line by line in an Excel book.

Specify date range to retrieve mail.

How to save email attachments to a specific folder.


URL encode/decode

How to send e-mail to multiple addressees.

How to leave only the GET parameter from the URL.

How to convert URL parameters (GET parameters) into Data table.

How to remove URL parameters.


How to use ChatGPT.

How to get the number of items in a List (array).

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