Connectors(Power Automate Cloud flows)


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A connector is a mailer, Excel, or other web service.

Connectors also include a wide range of other Microsoft products such as Gmail and Twitter.

There are triggers and actions within a connector.

ControlThis connector is a set of functions that control flows, not specific applications or services.
Date TimeObtains the current date and time and calculates the  date and time.
NotificationsPush and email notifications to mobile devices.
MailEmail notifications from a fixed email address.
Excel Online (Business)Mainly works to Excel tables
Offce365 OutlookThis is a connector to use the Outlook functionality.
It provides functions related to sending and receiving email.
You can use Outlook on the Web (Microsoft365), not Outlook installed on your computer.
GmailSending and receiving email via Gmail.
OneDriveOneDrive file operations.
Google DriveActions related to file operations on Google Drive.
Google SheetsThis is a set of functions to manipulate Google Sheets stored in Google Drive.
SharePointFunctions related to SharePoint.
Text FunctionsText manipulation functions. There are actions to search for text and to cut out substrings.