Gmail Connector(Power Automate Cloud flows)


Japanese version.

This is a group of functions that perform operations on the "Gmail" browser (cloud).

It performs email sending and auto-reply.

How to build flow.

Basically, it is triggered by the "When new mail arrives" trigger, which is triggered when Gmail is received, and uses the message ID of its dynamic content to perform subsequent actions (reply, delete, move to recycle bin).

Less frequently, there is also a pattern of saving the message ID in a file and loading it.

The "Get email details" is only of value in this pattern.

Since sending an email is just a "Send email", it can be used independently of other Gmai-related triggers and actions.

As is the case with other actions, it is also possible to link file content from OneDrive or Google Drive file content from OneDrive or Google Drive can also be used as attachments.

Example of flow structure for move to recycle bin, delete, reply, and retrieve information.


When a new email arrivesHighTrigger to launch an "Automated cloud flow" when an email is received.
This function is mainly suitable for extracting the sender and body of incoming emails.


Reply to emailHighReply to the message ID's e-mail.
You can specify the destination, body, etc.
Send emailHighThe action is to send an email in Gmail.
Delete emailMiddleThe action is to delete one Gmail message.
Get email detailsLowThis action retrieves information such as the destination and body of a Gmail message.
However, they are "When a new email arrives" triggers.
The use is limited because the information has already been obtained.
Move email to trashHighThe action is to put one Gmail email into the trash.

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