One of the technologies that allows computers to generate text like humans is called natural language processing. It is used in automatic response systems such as chatbots. ChatGPT is able to create new sentences based on text that it has learned from human-written sentences. By using ChatGPT, you can save time and effort in creating your own sentences. Furthermore, you can also create summaries or translations of text using ChatGPT.


How to use.

Request content and documentation.Includes basic request and coordination methods. General subject matter can be left to ChatGPT to some extent.
Request for create a summary.This section explains how to use ChatGPT to create a summary of a text or article. Using a summary can be very useful in business, as it allows you to understand a long document in a short period of time.
Memorize the role.This page shows you how to make ChatGPT remember your roles. Utilizing this method will make the use of ChatGPT more efficient.
How to deal with ChatGPT responses that are interrupted in the middle of a response.When a response is interrupted, prompt the respondent to " Please continue," etc., and he/she will continue to answer.
Request a translation from ChatGPT.ChatGPT is multilingual and can be translated.
Request multiple patterns of text creation.You can request multiple patterns of writing from ChatGPT. Choosing among multiple patterns will lead to better documents and articles.
Respond in multiple languages.The multilingual support makes it possible to have responses in multiple languages. This is useful when you want to create sentences in multiple languages at the same time.
Request ChatGPT to make a table of contentsIntroduces how to make a table of contents using ChatGPT. Creating articles and books, and improving work efficiency through headings.

Books co-written with ChatGPT

Python textbook for programming beginners.This textbook is used for new employees with no programming experience and focuses on basic programming topics.
We do not cover topics such as object-oriented programming, statistical analysis using Python-specific libraries, and machine learning, as these topics are difficult to understand from the standpoint of initial programming learning and can be obstacles to mastery.
This book is especially recommended for those who have no experience with programming or Python or who have been frustrated in their learning.

How to use ChatGPT from other applications.

How to get an API key (secret key) for ChatGPT.You must first obtain an API key.
How to use ChatGPT.(Power Automate Desktop)Use ChatGPT from Power Automate Desktop. ChatGPT answers the contents of the input dialog and displays the answers in a dialog.
How to use ChatGPT.(Microsoft Excel)Use ChatGPT from Excel. Enter a question to ChatGPT in the specified cell and enter the answer in the cell; this is for desktop applications only, as it uses VBA macros.
How to use ChatGPT in Excel.(Power Automate)Use ChatGPT from Excel. ChatGPT responds to the contents of the input dialog and adds rows to the table. You can use it from a browser or a desktop application, but we use Power Automate.
How to use ChatGPT.(Power Automate Cloud flow)Use ChatGPT from Power Automate. Store questions and answers in variables.
How to use ChatGPT in Microsoft Teams.(Power Automate Cloud flow)ChatGPT answers messages in designated chats in Teams, using Power Automate.

Ask Dr. ChatGPT (sample article)

How to increase productivity at work.Dr. ChatGPT shared his ideas, tools, and training to increase productivity at work.
What is important to use ChatGPTChatGPT himself explained to us how to use ChatGPT efficiently. Important things to remember: clarify questions, provide accurate information, use trial and error to get multiple answers, use the summary and summary functions, do not provide personal information.
Asked Dr. ChatGPT about the essentials of introducing PAD to companies and how to proceed.Asked Dr. ChatGPT about the essentials of introducing PAD to companies and how to proceed.