Request to prepare a response to the complaint.(ChatGPT)

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Because responding to complaints is often time-consuming and stressful, it is often more efficient to have ChatGPT come up with a base response. The content of the response is important, and labor savings and sincerity are two separate issues. If you see it as a problem, it is either "just trying to make you feel good by making you apologize" or "pointless harassment. It is a worthless complaint. Sincerity and responses to such things are meaningless.

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ChatGPT will provide the nature of the complaint, the situation, and our response.

This is an actual complaint from a commenter. Here is an example of a person who immediately fled with a troll comment after posting a complaint.

(Thank you for providing the content)

This is how I typed it into ChatGPT.

I hope you will consider responding to the following complaint. 'Why did you delete my comment, did it offend you?' . We did not delete the comment, it was an approved comment system, and it seems that you misunderstood that it was deleted.
I'm sorry for any confusion caused, but we did not delete your comment. Our website uses an approved comment system, which means that comments are not displayed until they have been approved. Therefore, your comment is still awaiting approval and will be displayed once it has been approved. We will review your comment and if approved, we will post it as soon as possible. If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Create several patterns and choose the best one. In some cases, you may want to modify the content to address the claim.



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