Outlook(Power Automate Desktop Action)


Japanese version.

Launch the installed Outlook to send and receive mail.



Launch OutlookHighIt must be put in place first when Outlook is automatically operated.
Retrieve email messages from OutlookHighRetrieve incoming Outlook e-mail messages.
Specify search criteria and receive as a list of Outlook email messages.
Send email message through OutlookHighSend email from Power Automate Desktop using Outlook.
Process email messages in OutlookMiddleProcess (unread, delete, move folders) incoming mail in Outlook.
Save Outlook email messages MiddleSave incoming emails in Outlook as a file.
Respond to Outlook email message MiddleReply or forward to incoming mail in Outlook.
Close OutlookHighClose Outlook opened with "Launch Outlook".
This action must be put in place after an automatic Outlook operation.