Retrieve email messages from Outlook Action(Power Automate Desktop)


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This action retrieves incoming mail in Outlook.

You must have an email account set up in Outlook to use this action.

How to use

Drag "Retrieve email messages from Outlook" from "Outlook" under "Actions".

Put in place after "Launch Outlook" and before "Close Outlook".

Set parameters.

Searching is dependent on Outlook settings.

Settings that narrow the search results or, If the file has been moved to an in-place archive, it may not be included in the retrieval, or if they have been moved to in-place archives, they may not be included in the search.


Outlook instance

Specify the target Outlook with Variables produced by "Launch Outlook".

If the relevant variable exists, it will be preset automatically.


Specify in the Outlook account from which to retrieve mail.

Depending on the configuration, this will often be an email address.

Mail folder

Specify the folder to search.

For example, to search from folder A directly under the Inbox, specify "Inbox\folderA".


Specify the target of retrieval (all mail or unread/read).

  • All email messages
  • Unread email messages only
  • Read email messages only

Mark as read

Specifies whether to mark retrieved messages as read if they are unread.

Search condition: From, To, Subject, Body

Specify search conditions.

Although the system works without specifying search conditions, it will slow down if there are too many results to retrieve, It is recommended to specify conditions to narrow down the search results as much as possible.

Since there is no date/time condition in this field, it must be addressed in subsequent actions.


To save attachments, specify an additional destination folder.

Variables produced


Stored as a List of Outlook email messages.

It is iterated "For Each" to process each individual email.

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Specify date range to retrieve mail.