Sheet View.Filter and reorder shared workbooks without affecting other users.(Microsoft Excel)

Japanese version.

Sheet view is a feature added in July 2020.

Filter and sort on worksheets shared by multiple users that are stored in OneDrive or SharePoint without affecting other users.

This is similar to the personal filter settings in Google Spreadsheets.

This allows you to do this without informing other users.



From "View," click on "New" in the "Sheet View".

Alternatively, click on "New Sheet View" under "Sheet View" in the Filters menu.

The row/column display will then be black and the sheet view will be in sheet view.
In this state, filtering and reordering will not affect other users.

The state will have no effect on either the web or desktop version.

When sheet view is enabled, the rows/columns will be black and an eye symbol will appear to the right of the worksheet name.

This state is set for each worksheet, not the entire file.


The following operations will affect other users even if the sheet view is set up.

Updating cell values
Reordering a range of cells that does not include the filtered cells, such as selecting an entire column.

It is safe to perform only filter operations whenever possible.


Click "Exit" from the "Exit View" menu.

Or return to the "Default" Sheet view.


Save the sheet view if you want to use it later.

To save, click "Save" in the "Sheet View" menu.

The name is initially "Temporary View" but can be changed.

Alternatively, it can be done from the right-click menu of the filter.

Resume saved sheet view.

Select "Sheet View" from "View".

This allows you to reproduce the saved state.

Alternatively, it can be done from the right-click menu of the filter.


From the "View" menu, click on "Options".

The following operations can be performed on saved sheet views.

  • Rename
  • Duplicate
  • Delete

Alternatively, it can be done from the right-click menu of the filter.

Link to Sheet View

With the April 2024 update, you can now create a link to directly access the sheet view.

To create the link, you must open Excel in a web browser.

With the sheet view you wish to create a link to enabled in your web browser, right click on any cell.

Click "Copy Link to Sheet View" to copy the URL to the clipboard.

This URL is a Sharepoint URL.

It can also be set to a worksheet link.

When set as a worksheet link, both the browser/desktop application will create a new browser tab, and the sheet view will be displayed in that tab.