Actions(Power Automate Desktop)




VariablesCreate and manipulate values.
Flow controlAuxiliary flow functions such as exception handling and comments.
Run flowStarts another saved flow.
SystemThis is a function related to the operating system.
WorkstationThis function is related to the operation of devices such as PCs, printers, and displays.
ScriptingThis function is related to the scripting language and execution of commands.
- DOS Commands
- VBScript
- JavaScript
- PowerShell
- Python
FileFunctions related to file operations such as file creation.
Copying and moving folders, CSV operations, etc.
FolderFunctions related to folder operations, such as creating folders.
Copying and moving folders.
CompressionFunctions related to compression and decompression of ZIP files.
UI automationThis function is related to the operation of Windows applications.
Window operations and input form operations.
HTTPWeb access without using a browser.
Browser automationThis function is related to web browser operations.
It performs link clicking and input form operations.
ExcelThese functions are related to Excel operation.
It launches the installed Excel, reads and writes data, etc.
DatabaseThis function is for using (mainly in-house) databases such as MySQL and Oracle.
This may affect other parts of the company, Therefore, please consult with your system administrator before using this function.
EmailThis function is related to sending and receiving mail.
Send and receive without using a mailer.
Message boxesThese are functions related to communication with tool users.
File dialogs, date dialogs, etc. exist.
Mouse and KeyboardMouse clicks and keystrokes.
TextThese functions are related to processing text strings, such as partial clipping of text.
Date timeFunctions related to date and time.
It retrieves the current time and calculates the date.
PDFFunctions related to PDF files.
OCRExtracts text from an image file or screen and performs some processing.
Windows servicesWindows services are software that runs in a place that users are not aware of (in the background).
Generally, they are not conscious in the application and are rarely used by non-engineers.