Self Description.


Skills and expertise

  • Programming languages…primarily C# JavaSctipt Python Ruby VBA OfficeScript
  • RPA…UiPath, PowerAutomate
  • Web tools: Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager
  • System development/tool development for non-system engineers to improve work efficiency
  • Business improvement/manual maintenance
  • Website management, monetization of content
  • Training of young system engineers
  • Excel training for sales and administrative staff


  • Dropped out of high school in a depressed mode due to a difficult family situation
  • Completely shut-in NEET for about 2 years
  • Entered and graduated from correspondence high school
  • Entered and graduated from a technical college (programming and system development)
  • Joined a financial systems development company as a new graduate (1st company)
  • Graduated from a correspondence university (business administration) after successfully laundering my education while working as a student
  • Joined a web advertising company (2nd company)

Work experience

  • Worked for a system integrator developing systems for securities companies for about 7 years.
    • Mainly stationed at customer sites and was in charge of a wide range of tasks from proposal and requirement definition to development of systems related to back office operations.
    • Educated new system engineers.
  • Worked for a company developing its own web advertising services for about 10 years.
    • He was in charge of a wide range of back-office operations, from proposal and requirement definition to development.
    • Guidance on introduction of in-house services to customers.
    • Educating young system engineers
    • Maintenance of internal rules
    • Instructor of Microsoft Excel to sales and administrative staff

Educational background

  • Programming and systems development at a technical college.
  • Management and the use of information systems in organizations at a four-year correspondence university (working student)