Tips. Others.(Microsoft Excel)



Data Validation

Pull down list

How to put a blank in the first candidate in the pull-down.


Date operation

How to calculate dates.

How to display the day of the week automatically from the date.

How to get the last business day of the month.

How to use the AVERAGEIFS function to calculate on the condition of "Containing a specific string".

Cell operation

Formula to extract only rows with values.

Text operation

Text comparison. Exact and partial matches.

How to reverse text.

How to extract only numbers from text.

Formula to split text into cells one character at a time.

Formulas to remove multiple types of characters from cell text.

Formulas to sort text in cells.

Formulas to extract text from a cell every specified number of letters.

Formulas to randomly reorder a range of cells.

Formula to randomly extract a specified number of cells from a range of cells.

How to replace multiple texts with the SUBSTITUTE function.

Formula for extracting URL parameter values.

Aggregate function applications.

How to remove duplicates and count them.

Formula for cross tabulation in Spill.

Calculating the median in a Pivot table. Its alternative method.

Method of summing every other line.


How to use ChatGPT.

Inquire about Excel functions and formulas.

Request Excel formula formatting.

Request detection of errors in Excel formulas.

Request Excel formulas to be generated.