Logical(Microsoft Excel Functions)


Japanese version.

It includes functions that return TRUE or FALSE mainly by evaluating logical expressions and functions that change the result by evaluating logical expressions.


Function that changes its value according to its logical value (the result of a logical expression)

IFHighVarying results depending on conditions.
IFSHighSpecify multiple conditions and get the value corresponding to the first matching condition.

Functions to manipulate logical values (results of logical expressions)

HighConditional judgment of logical and.
Conditional judgment of logical or.
XORLowConditional judgment of exclusive or.
NOTMiddleInvert the Boolean value.

Functions that change the result depending on the value

HighSets the value if the formula is in error.
CHOOSEMiddleDisplays the corresponding value from 1 to 254.
SWICTHHighDisplays the first result matching the specified value.

LAMBDA functions to create custom functions and their helper functions

LAMBDAHighCreate custom functions.
MAPLowThe range covered by the function is divided by cells to obtain individual results.
BYCOLLowThe range covered by the function is divided by columns, and the aggregate results are obtained for each column.
BYROWLowThe function divides the range covered by the function by rows and obtains the aggregate results for each row.
MAKEARRAYLowCreate an array (cell range) with any number of rows and columns, and set individual cell values with any formulas.
ISOMITTEDMiddleDetermines whether custom function arguments are set or omitted. The category is included in "Information Functions".
REDUCELowPerforms a cumulative calculation of any formula and obtains the result.
SCANLowCreates a range of cells for the cumulative calculation of any formula.

Other Logical Functions

LETHighAttach any name to the result of a formula.