CHOOSE function. Displays the corresponding value from 1 to 254.(Microsoft Excel)


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Displays the corresponding value from 1 to 254

How it works

=CHOOSE(Index_num,Value1 to Value254)
Index_numRequired argument.Specify a number between 1 and 254.
Value1 to Value254Required argument.Specify values corresponding to 1 to 254.
Formulas and functions can also be set here.

Example Results

Used in conjunction with the WEEKDAY function to display the day of the week corresponding to a date.

The following will result in a #VALUE error.

  • Index less than or equal to 0.
  • Index greater than or equal to 255.
  • Index with no result defined.

In this case, use the IFERROR function to define a result such as "No match".

Cases where the CHOOSE function is not appropriate.

The CHOOSE function is suitable for simple expressions.

In the following cases, other functions should be used.

SWITCH function

SWITCH function is appropriate in the following cases.

However, it may not be used in older environments prior to Excel 2016.

  • I want to specify a non-numeric value for the index
  • Index (sequential number) has many missing numbers

XLOOKUP function (VLOOKUP function)

In the following cases, it is better to use the XLOOKUP function (VLOOKUP function) to manage the worksheet and make the formulas more readable.

  • There are a very large number of value types.
  • CHOOSE function with the same syntax is needed for multiple cells.

IFS function

The IFS function is appropriate if you want to specify a range of values for the decision condition.


If you specify the argument "Index_num" the cell range, it will be Spil.


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