Text(Microsoft Excel Functions)


Japanese version.


Function to modify a string.

LEFTHighExtracts a portion of a string by specifying the number of characters from the beginning.
MIDHighExtracts a portion of a string by specifying the starting position and the number of characters to be extracted.
RIGHTHighExtracts a portion of a string by specifying the number of characters from the end.
LEFTBLowExtracts a portion of a string by specifying the number of bytes from the beginning.
MIDBLowExtracts a portion of a string by specifying the starting position of the extraction and the number of bytes.
RIGHTBLowExtracts a portion of a string, specifying the number of bytes from the end.
SUBSTITUTEHighReplace the specified string.
REPLACEMiddleReplace specified character position & number of characters with specified string.
TRIMMiddleRemove unnecessary spaces between and before and after words, leaving one space between words.
CLEANMiddleDelete characters that cannot be printed.
CONCATENATELowConcatenate strings (old version)
CONCATHighConcatenate strings.
TEXTMiddleGet a string with display format code (user-defined format) applied to a number or date.
VALUEMiddleConverts a number or date/time entered as a string to a number (serial value of date/time).
TEXTJOINHighConcatenate strings by specifying the delimiter.
FIXEDMiddleConverts a number to a comma-separated formatted string, rounded to the specified number of digits.
ASCMiddleConverts full-width characters to half-width characters.
JISMiddleConverts half-width characters to full-width characters.
YENMiddleConverts a numeric value to a string in yen format.
DOLLARMiddleConverts numeric values to dollar ($) format strings.
BAHTTEXTLowConverts numeric values to strings in baht (Thai currency) format.
NUMBERVALUEMiddleConverts strings of numeric notation (decimal points and commas) from various languages into numbers.
REPTMiddleGet a string that repeats the specified string a specified number of times.
UNICHARLowGet the Unicode character corresponding to the number.
UNICODELowGet the Unicode number corresponding to a character.
TEXTBEFOREHighGet text up to the specified text.
TEXTAFTERHighGet text after the specified text.
TEXTSPLITHighDivides text into cells based on a specified character.
PROPERHighOnly the first letter is converted to uppercase.
UPPERHighConvert to upper case.
LOWERHighConvert to lower case.

Function to get information from a string.

FINDHighFind the position of the specified string.
FINDBLowSearches for the position (in bytes) of the specified string.
SEARCHHighFind the position of the specified string.
LENHighGet the length (number of characters) of a string.
LENBLowGet the length (in bytes) of a string.
CODEMiddleGet the numeric code of a character.
CHARMiddleGet the character corresponding to the numeric code.
EXACTHighCompare if two strings are the same.


ARRAYTOTEXTHighConvert array (cell range) to text