VALUE Function. Converts a numeric value or date/time entered as a string to a numeric value (serial value of date/time).


Japanese version.

The VALUE function converts a number or date entered as a string to a numeric value or a serial date/time value.
It is the reverse of the TEXT function, which converts a number to a string.

It is used to convert string state data imported from other applications or data obtained by string manipulation functions for inclusion in formulas such as four arithmetic operations.

How it works

textRequired fieldSpecify the string to be converted to a numeric value (serial value).


If a string that cannot be converted is specified, a #VALUE error occurs. Full-width, half-width, and currencies are widely supported.


If the argument is a range of cells, it will be a Spill.

You enter a formula in only one cell, but the
It is automatically expanded to the other cells.



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