Text(Power Automate Desktop Action)


Japanese version.

These functions are related to processing strings, such as partial clipping of text.



Append line to textHighAdds a new line to the specified text.
Inserts a new line code between two texts.
Get subtextHighCuts out a portion from the specified text.
Pad TextHighAdd text to the left or right of the specified text to
Create fixed-length text.
Trim TextHighDeletes whitespace (full/half-width spaces, tabs, line feeds) to the left or right of the specified text, or both.
Reverse textMiddleReverses the left and right sides of the designated text.
Change text caseHighConverts upper and lower case alphabetic characters.
There is a function that converts all characters and a function that converts only some characters, and some characters can be converted only.
Convert text to numberLowConverts a text type value that can be recognized as a number to a numeric type.
However, when using variables for calculations or actions
Text that can be recognized as numeric values is automatically converted
(even comma-separated numbers are automatically converted)
This action is used only in a few cases.
If you want to generate an error that cannot be recognized as a number, or if you want to incorporate it into a mathematical expression, use this action in those situations, since it will not be automatically converted.
Convert number to textHighConverts numeric values to comma-separated or formatted text.
Convert text to datetimeMiddleConverts a text type value that can be recognized as a date/time to a date/time type. Or this action is useful for converting a date/time in another locale.
Convert datetime to textHighConvert the date/time to a variable of text type.
Create random textMiddleThis Action creates random text.
This is mainly used to automatically create passwords, etc.
Join textHighJoin (convert) the contents of a List into a single text, separated by specified text (space, comma, newline, etc.).
Split textHighSeparate text with specified text (space, comma, line break, etc.) and break it up into individual elements of a List.
Parse textHighSearches for text and gets the starting position.
If the search is a regular expression, the matching text is also retrieved.
Replace textHighSearch and replace text.
Escape text for regular expressionMiddleConverts characters with special meanings as regular expressions to be treated as normal characters.
Create HTML contentMiddleThis action was added in the January 2024 update and creates HTML with UI operations.
There are several ways to use Power Automate Desktop, such as saving the results of a process as an HTML file.