Convert text to number Action(Power Automate Desktop)


Japanese version.

This action converts a text type value that can be recognized as a number to a numeric type.

This function is the opposite of "Convert Number to Text" and is similar to the NUMBERVALUE function in Excel.

However, text that can be recognized as numeric is automatically converted when used in an action, so this action is not used very often.
This action is used only in some cases.
If you want to generate an error that cannot be recognized as a number, or if you want to incorporate it into a formula, use this action in such cases, since it is not automatically converted.

How to use

Drag Convert text to number from Text onto the Workspace.

Set parameters.


Text to convert

Specify the target text.

If the text can be recognized as a number, such as "1234" or "1,234", it is converted to a number, If the text cannot be recognized as a number, an error is generated.

Variables produced


The numeric value of the result of the conversion is stored.

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