Conversion Functions(Power Automate Cloud flows)


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Conversion Functions

arrayLowThis function converts a single text or number into an array.
This is an infrequently used function because it is rare to create an array with a single item from a single value.
base64LowThis function converts (encodes) text to Base64 (a format in which data is represented as text for sending e-mail, etc.).
However, situations in which conversion to Base64 is necessary are rare.
base64ToStringLowThis function decodes text that is encoded in Base64.
boolMiddleFunction to convert a number or specific text to a boolean value.
The main use is to convert Boolean values that are text or numbers when a file is imported from some application.
createArrayHighFunction to create an array from values.
decodeUriComponentMiddleConverts URL-encoded text to the original text.
floatHighConverts text with only numbers and decimal points to Float type data.
It is frequently used when a file is imported from some application.
intHighConverts numeric text to Integer data.
It is frequently used when a file is imported from some application.
stringHighConverts non-text data such as numbers and arrays to text.
It is mainly used when importing files from some application or when saving data to a text file, When saving data to a text file.
uriComponentMiddleURL encode the specified text.

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