createArray function. Conversion.(Power Automate Cloud flows)

Japanese version.

Function to create an array from values.


createArray('<object1>','<object2>' ~ '<objectN>')
objectNRequired fieldTwo or more values to convert.

How to use

In most cases, it is used in the "value" when initializing or setting variables of type "Array".

Click on the "Expression" tab, createArray, and the function name and () will be set in the expression field.

The argument is a delimited list of values to be used as items in the array.

If the item is a string, it is enclosed in ".

When dynamic content or variables are used in expressions, special specifications are required.

(How to get dynamic content with expressions.)

In createArray('abc', 'def', 'hij') as in the example, the result would be ['abc', 'def', 'hij'].



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