GEOMEAN function. Get geometric mean (synergistic mean).(Microsoft Excel)

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Get geometric mean (synergistic mean).

How it works

=GEOMEAN(number1 to 255)
number1 to 255Required argument.The numberSpecify a list of values or a range of cells from which to obtain the geometric mean.

Example Results

The geometric mean (synergistic mean) is often used for averages of varying ratios, such as growth rates

For example, as shown in the table below, column B shows sales by year, and column D shows the rate of change (current year's sales divided by the previous year's sales).

Subtract 100% from this rate of change to get the growth rate.

The GEOMEAN function will make an error if negative numbers are mixed in.
In normal usage, the rate of change, which can only be a positive number, is used in the calculation.

Multiply the 2016 sales by the arithmetic mean (column E) and the geometric mean (column F).

The result of the geometric mean calculation will then match the 2019 sales.



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