Math & Trig(Microsoft Excel Functions)


Japanese version.

It includes functions and trigonometric functions, primarily for calculating.


Functions to aggregate multiple values or cells

SUMHighGet the sum of the numbers.
SUMIFLowSum the values of cells matching the search criteria.
SUMIFSHighSum the values of cells matching multiple criteria.
SUMPRODUCTLowAdd and multiply together.
SUMSQLowGet the sum of squared values.
PRODUCTLowPerform multiplication.
SUBTOTALLowAggregate only the values displayed.

Functions to manipulate values

MiddleGet absolute value / Signs.
ARABICLowConvert Roman numerals to Arithmetic (Indian and Arabic) numerals.
ROMANLowConverts numbers (arithmetic and Indian/Arabic) to Roman numerals.
CEILINGHighRound up in multiples of the specified value.
FLOORHighRounded down by multiples of the specified value.
INTHighConvert decimals to integers.
TRUNCHighTruncate a number to the specified number of digits or less.
GCDMiddleGet the greatest common divisor.
LCMMiddleGet the least common multiple.
MODMiddleGet the remainder of the result of division.
QUOTIENTMiddleGet the integer part of the result of division.
POWERLowPerforms a power of power calculation.
RANDMiddleRandomly obtains a small number greater than or equal to 0 and less than 1.
RANDBETWEENMiddleGet a random number within the specified range.
RANDARRAYMiddleGet a random number of cells in a specified range.
HighRounding/rounding up/down of numbers.

Spill Fanctions.

SEQUENCEMiddleCreate sequential numbers in multiple cells.