RANDBETWEEN function. Obtains a random number within the specified range.

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The RANDBETWEEN function specifies a minimum and maximum value and obtains a random number between them.
It is used to create a list of random values or to express probability.
There is a RAND function that also produces a random value, but we recommend using this RANDBETWEEN function because it is easier to use and its formulas are more readable.
However, since Excel 2019, the RANDARRAY function has been added.
If you want to incorporate the function into a save sheet or generate a large number of random numbers, the RANDARRAY function is superior and we recommend that you consider using this function as well.

How it works

=RANDBETWEEN(bottom, top)
bottomRequired argument.
Specify the lower limit of the random number as an integer.
topRequired argument.
Specify the upper limit of random numbers as an integer.


This is a mathematical formula that generates 1-10 at random.

This number will be updated at the time a recalculation occurs, such as when a cell is put into input mode and then released.


Unlike the RAND function, the RANDBETWEEN function can be realized with a simple mathematical expression.
However, the RANDBETWEEN function only works with integers.
However, if you want to generate a small number of integers, you can divide the number of integers to generate a small number.
If you want to have a fraction between 1% and 100%, generate an integer between 1 and 100, and divide it by 100.




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