RANDARRAY function. Random numbers in multiple cells.(Microsoft Excel)


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The RANDARRAY function is a function added in 2019 to set random numbers in multiple cells.
It is a multi-cell version of the RANDBETWEEN function.

How it works

rows1Number of vertical cells from which to obtain random numbers.
columns1Number of cells in the horizontal direction from which to obtain random numbers.
min0Lower limit of random numbers.
max1Upper limit of random numbers.
whole_numberFALSEWhether the decimal point is rounded down or not.
TRUE. truncate. Obtained as an integer.)
FALSE.Do not truncate.Obtained with a fractional number.


Enter a function in the top left most cell that sets a random value.
You will then get a random value for the specified cell range.
This value will change to a new value when the file is reopened or the cell is taken out of input mode.
If you want to fix the value, use Paste Value.

Comparison with RANDBETWEEN function

If you have random numbers built into your sheet as formulas and do not want them to be broken, or if you want to generate many random numbers at once, the
RANDARRAY function is superior.
If you are preparing a small number of random numbers for a one-time use, the
RANDBETWEEN function is appropriate.



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Examples of Use

Formula to randomly extract a specified number of cells from a range of cells.

Formulas to randomly reorder a range of cells.