Join text Action(Power Automate Desktop)


Japanese version.

This action combines the contents of a list into a single text.
It combines them into a form separated by specified text (space, comma, newline, etc.).

This function is the counterpart of Split Text Action and is similar to Excel's CONCAT function.

How to use

Drag Join text from Text onto the Workspace.

Set parameter.


Specify the list to join

Specifies the List to be converted to text.

The first element (with index 0) is the leftmost, and the last element is the rightmost.

If you want to reverse the left and right, use Reverse list to rearrange the list first.

Delimiter to separate list items

Specifies the character that separates the List.

NoneJoin without delimiters.
StandardSpecify the default character and number of times.
Select from space, Tab, or new line in Standard delimiter.

Next, specify the number of separator characters in Times.

1 doubles the number of characters, 2 doubles the number of characters, 3 doubles the number of characters, 4 doubles the number of characters, and 4 doubles the number of characters to 8.
CustomUse to delimit with any character.
Specify any character for the custom delimiter.
Two or more characters are also acceptable.
In most cases, "," or "||" will be used to delimit.

Variables produced

The result of the action is stored. The name of this variable can be changed.

If the same action is used more than once, it is recommended to change the name to something that indicates the type of value.


The text of the joined result is stored.


Text Actions

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