Request for create a summary.(Notion AI)


Japanese version.

Notion AI can automatically generate summaries of text, making it very useful for business by allowing users to quickly grasp long documents. Here, we'll introduce how to use Notion AI to summarize articles or text.


Add a blank page or open a previously created page.

Copy the article or text you want to summarize.

Select the copied URL or text and open the menu.

Click Ask AI.

Click Summarize.

The summary will be created after inputting the text. Select Insert below to add the summary to the page.

It is also possible to adjust the length of the summary using Continue writing or Make longer.

Since the results may vary even with the same specification, it is effective to create multiple summaries and choose the best one.

Be sure to check the content carefully, as it may produce off-target results.

If the URL includes unnecessary parts like advertisements, copy only the necessary parts of the page to use.



Specify "Short summary" will make the summary shorter than usual.

Main point

You can also specify the main points.
"Summarize with emphasis on benefits." or "Summarize with emphasis on the caveats." etc.

Summarize with emphasis on the caveats.