Get subtext Action(Power Automate Desktop)

Japanese version.

This action cuts out a portion of the specified text.
This function is similar to the MID function in Excel and is often named "substring" in programming languages.

How to use

Drag Get subtext from Text onto the Workspace.

Set parameters.


Original text

Specify a text.

Start Index

Specifies the starting position of the cut out.

Selecting a text position specifies numerically where the text will be cut from.

The beginning is 0. (Specifying 0 is the same as selecting "Start of text".)


Specify how many characters to cut out from "Start index".

If the "Start index" is set to the beginning of the text and the length is set to the end of the text no cut out will be performed (the resulting variable will be the same as the "Original text").

Select "Number of chars" to specify numerically how many characters to cut out.

Variables produced


The result of the cutout is stored.



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