How to remove text, from the left or right, by specifying the number of characters.(Power Automate Desktop)

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Learn how to delete text from the left or right by specifying the number of characters.

Overall flow

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SET Text TO $'''abcde'''
SET DeleteLength TO 2
IF DeleteLength < Text.Length THEN
    Text.GetSubtext.GetSubtextFrom Text: Text CharacterPosition: DeleteLength Subtext=> Subtext
    Text.GetSubtext.GetSubtextFromStartTo Text: Text NumberOfChars: Text.Length - DeleteLength Subtext=> Subtext2


First, prepare variables.

Target text.%Text%
Number of characters to delete.%DeleteLength%

Next, put in place an "If" to check for errors.

First operand%DeleteLength%
OperatorLess than (<)
Second operand%Text.Length%

Put in place "Get Subtext" in "If".

To remove from the left, set the following.

Original text%Text%
Start IndexCharacter position
Character position%DeleteLength%
LengthEnd of text

To remove from the right, set the following.

Original text%Text%
Start IndexStart of text
LengthNumber of chars
Number of chars%Text.Length - DeleteLength%

When the subflow to run, the text of the deleted result is set to the variable produced in "Get Subtext".

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