Data type:Datatime(Power Automate Desktop)


Japanese version.

Power Automate Desktop treats Data-time as variables of a unique data type.

How to use

Variables of data types dealing with date and time are retrieved with the following actions

Other date/time type information also exists in the file information properties.

"." to specify properties separated by "." to get the information attached to a Date/time.

The following example retrieves the year.


YearYear (A.D.)
MonthMonth (1 to 12)
DayDays (1 to 31)
DayOfWeekDay of the week (Sunday, Monday…)
DayOfYearNumber of days in the year (1 to 366)
HourHours (0 to 24)
MinuteMinutes (0 to 59)
SecondSeconds (0 to 59)