Get current date and time Action(Power Automate Desktop)


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This action is used to get the current date and time.
This action is useful if you want to include the date in the initial value of Display select date dialog or in the file name.

How to use.

Get current date and time Action from Date time onto the workspace.

Set parameters.



Select whether to retrieve up to and including the date or the time.

Time zone

Specifies in which time zone the current date and time should be retrieved.

Basically, "System time zone" is fine, but can be changed if necessary.

To change, change to "Specific Time Zone" and specify "Region/City".

Variables produced


The date information of the current time is stored.

It can be used as a variable in an action, such as the default value for Display select date dialog.

If you want to use it for file names, etc, If you want to use it for file names, etc., use the "Convert datetime to text" action to convert it without the / and : characters.

If you set the "format used" to "custom" and the "custom format" to yyyyMMdd, the date will be the year, month, and day.

In the case of this specification, if executed on 04/18/2021, the result will be 20210418.

The result will be stored in FormattedDateTime.

To include hours, minutes, and seconds, set the custom format to "yyyyMMddhhmmss", etc.

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