Subtract dates Action(Power Automate Desktop)

Japanese version.

This action obtains the difference between two dates in days, hours, minutes, or seconds.

How to use.

From "Date time" under "Actions",Drag "Subtract dates".

Set Parameters.


From date / Subtract date

Specify the result of the "Get current date and time" action or a fixed date as the date to be calculated.
How the difference is calculated is explained in the next section on the "Get Difference in" parameter.

Get difference in

Specifies in which units the results are calculated. Choose from Days, Hours, Minutes, or Seconds.

Variables produced


The calculation results are stored.

The result is calculated by "From Date" - "Subtract date".

From date4/18/2021/
Subtract date4/20/2021
Get difference inDays

If the "source date" is in the future, the result will be a positive number; if it is in the past, the result will be a negative number.

If the calculation is performed on a "day," the result will be a decimal if it includes hours, minutes, and seconds.

From date2021/4/18 12:00:00
Subtract date2021/4/20 00:00:00
Get difference inDays

If this is what you intended, this is fine, If you only want to calculate the day, you can use the " Get current date and time" action to get only the date, or truncate the time of day.



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