Subflow(Power Automate Desktop)

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This section introduces Subflow that keep flows that are performed many times in one place.

It is similar to Run desktop flow, but is primarily used for the following

Run desktop flowUse already saved flow.
SubflowUse a series of flows that are used multiple times within a single flow.

How to use

The same flows that are performed over and over again should be subflows whenever possible.

Subflows make the flow more compact and easier to read.
When a flow is changed, the change only needs to be made in one place, which reduces both the time and the risk of missing changes.


From "Subflow", click on "New subflow".

Specify a "Subflow Name" and click "Save".

A tab will be added with the name of the subflow, and you can specify the action in it.

Execution of subflow

Drag "Run subflow" from "Flow control" under "Actions" onto the Workspace.

Select the subflow to run and click "Save".

It is added to the flow.

In the figure below, there is only one, but in practical use, there will often be more than one.

Exit Subflow

"Exit Subflow" is an action to interrupt a subflow.

From "Flow control" in "Action" menu,Drag "Exit subflow" into the subflow.

The "Exit Subflow" should be placed under the Conditional Decision, as it makes no sense to place it without a condition.
(In the example below, it would be better to reverse the condition and perform the calculation only when true, but as a sample)

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