Transcribing from one Excel book to another.(Power Automate Desktop)


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Here is an example of transcribing in Excel.
Copy the cell values from one original file into a new file and save it.

Transcribing source file.
Transcription destination file.

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It can be copied and pasted into Power Automate Desktop.

Excel.LaunchExcel.LaunchAndOpenUnderExistingProcess Path: $'''C:\\Test\\Src.xlsx''' Visible: False ReadOnly: True Instance=> ExcelInstance
Excel.SetActiveWorksheet.ActivateWorksheetByName Instance: ExcelInstance Name: $'''Sheet1'''
Excel.ReadFromExcel.ReadCell Instance: ExcelInstance StartColumn: 1 StartRow: 1 ReadAsText: False CellValue=> ExcelData1
Excel.ReadFromExcel.ReadCell Instance: ExcelInstance StartColumn: 1 StartRow: 2 ReadAsText: False CellValue=> ExcelData2
Excel.CloseExcel.Close Instance: ExcelInstance
Excel.LaunchExcel.LaunchUnderExistingProcess Visible: False Instance=> ExcelInstance2
Excel.WriteToExcel.WriteCell Instance: ExcelInstance2 Value: ExcelData1 Column: 1 Row: 1
Excel.WriteToExcel.WriteCell Instance: ExcelInstance2 Value: ExcelData2 Column: 2 Row: 1
Excel.CloseExcel.CloseAndSaveAs Instance: ExcelInstance2 DocumentFormat: Excel.ExcelFormat.FromExtension DocumentPath: $'''C:\\Test\\Dst.xlsx'''


First, set up Launch Excel Action and specify the source file for transcription.

Launch Excelan open the following document
Document pathTranscribing source file.
Make instance visibleOFF
Open as ReadOnlyON

Next, set up the Set active Excel worksheet Action.

Excel instance%ExcelInstance%
Activate worksheet withName
Worksheet nameThe name of the sheet from which the transcription.

Next, two Read from Excel worksheet Actions are set up to capture the value of the transcription source into a variable.

ParameterValue of the first ActionValue of the second Action
Excel instance%ExcelInstance%%ExcelInstance%
RetrieveThe value of single cellThe value of single cell
Variables producedExcelData1ExcelData2

Next, set up Close Excel Action.

Next, set up Launch Excel Action and create a new file to transcribe to.

Launch Excelwith a blank document
Make instance visibleOFF

Next, set up two Write to Excel worksheet Actions and
Write the value of the variable to the book to which it is to be transcribed.

ParameterValue of the first ActionValue of the second Action
Excel instance%ExcelInstance2%%ExcelInstance2%
Value to write%ExcelData1%%ExcelData2%
Write modeOn specified cellOn specified cell

Finally, set up Close Excel Action. and save the file to which you are transcribing.

Executing this flow copies the values from the source file to the the transcribing destination file.

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