Data type:Outlook Mail Message(Power Automate Desktop)

Japanese version.

Power Automate Desktop treats Outlook email as a variable of its own data type.

How to use

Variables of this data type are retrieved by the Retrieve email messages from Outlook Action.

. Separated by a property, you can retrieve information.
The following example retrieves the body of the email.


.AttachmentsList of attachment paths. This is set if the attachment exists.
.BccBcc List.
.BodyThe body of the e-mail.
In the case of HTML mail, tags are also included.
.BodyTextThe body of the e-mail.
Tags are excluded for HTML emails.
.CcCc List.
.DateDate and time the email was sent.
.EntryIdEmail ID.
.FromEmail Sender.
.MailFolderThe Outlook folder where the email is stored.
.SubjectEmail Subject.
.ToTo List.


Examples of Use