Replace text Action(Power Automate Desktop)


Japanese version.

Actions to search and replace text.

This function is similar to the SUBSTITUTE function in Excel.

How to use

Drag Replace text from Text onto the Workspace.

Set parameters.


Text to parse/Text to find

Finds and replaces "Text to find" in "Text to parse".

If there are multiple matching texts, all will be replaced.

Use regular expressions for find and replace

If ON, the text to be searched is treated as a regular expression.

There are a wide variety of regular expressions, but the following are typical ones that are used frequently.

As an example, the string "aB1C2dE" is parsed.

Regular expressionDescriptionResults (Red text area.)
[0-9]Numerical valueaB1C2dE
B.*2Starts with a B and ends with a 2.aB1C2dE

Ignore case

When turned on, searches are performed without distinction.

Replace with

Specifies the text to be replaced.

Activate escape sequence

Specifies whether to use special characters in the text to be replaced.

Typical examples are as follows.

Special charactersResult when ON
\nNew line
\rCarriage return

Variables produced


The replaced text is stored.



Text Actions

Examples of Use

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