Convert datetime to text Action(Power Automate Desktop)


Japanese version.

This Action converts a date/time into a variable of text type.

This is the counterpart to "Convert text to datetime" and is similar to Excel's TEXT function.

How to use

Drag Convert datetime to text from Text onto the Workspace.

Set parameters.


Datetime to convert

Specify the target date/time.

Format to be use

Select whether the "datetime to convert" is the default format (Standard) or any date format (Custom).


The following table shows the choices and an example of specifying 11:30:45 on 5/10/2023.

Short date05/10/2023
Long dateWednesday, May, 10, 2023
Short time11:30 PM
Long time11:30:45 PM
Full datetime(short time)Wednesday, May, 10, 2023 11:30 PM
Full datetime(long time)Wednesday, May, 10, 2023 11:30:45 PM
General datetime(short time)05/10/2023 11:30 PM
General datetime(long time)05/10/2023 11:30:45 PM
Sortable datetime2023-05-10T12:30:45

Specify for any date format.

Specify the date in "yyyyMMMdd" and the time in "hhmmss".

Variables produced


The resulting text of the conversion is stored.



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Examples of Use

How to deal with the case where the specified file already exists.