Create HTML content Action(Power Automate Desktop)

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This action was added in the January 2024 update and creates HTML with UI operations.

There are several ways to use Power Automate Desktop, such as saving the results of a process as an HTML file.

How to use

Drag Create HTML content from Text onto the Workspace.

The setup screen will appear and you can create HTML content.

The part that is displayed from the beginning allows you to set font, size, bold/italic, etc.

The following settings are available in the hidden menu.

  • Text color
  • Line background color
  • Indentation
  • Lists
  • Hyperlinks
  • Images
  • Tables

Clicking on "Select Variable" will embed the variable in the HTML content.

Variables are enclosed in % and treated as expressions.

Enclose the % to form an expression. For example, "%1+1%" will be calculated and the result will be 2.

If you want to display a fixed %, use %% to display a single %.

Variables produced


The resulting HTML is stored.

The main use is to save the file with "Write text to file".

There are no html tags, head tags, body tags, etc., so they must be complemented.

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