Read text from file Action(Power Automate Desktop)

Japanese version.

This action reads text from a file.

There is the ability to read the entire text into a string variable and the ability to split the text at line breaks and take it into a list variable.

How to use.

Read text from file Action from File onto the workspace.

Set parameters.


File path

Specifies the file to be read.

If there is a possibility that the file does not exist in the specified path, you should check for its exists and take care of it.

Store content as

Choose whether to capture in a single string variable or in a list variable separated by newlines.


Select the character encoding of the file.

For SJIS, specify the "System default".

Variables produced


The contents of the file are stored. For full text, it is a text variable; for multiple lines, it is a list variable.

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File Actions

Examples of Use

Automated basic text file operations.

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