Request random pick-up.(ChatGPT)


Japanese version.

It is possible to have several random pick-ups for a specific category.

This can streamline test data and sample preparation.

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Enter the following in ChatGPT. 

Pick 20 organisms at random.

Here are 20 organisms picked at random:

  1. Platypus
  2. Raccoon
  3. Sea urchin
  4. Ostrich
  5. Koala
  6. Polar bear
  7. Kangaroo
  8. Tuna
  9. Tiger
  10. Giant squid
  11. Crocodile
  12. Chimpanzee
  13. Blue whale
  14. Venus flytrap
  15. Peacock
  16. Jellyfish
  17. Otter
  18. Garter snake
  19. Octopus
  20. Rhinoceros

If you wish to use the file in a spreadsheet such as Excel, it is useful to specify the format as well.

Please pick 20 organisms at random. Please use a table format.



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