FIND Function. Finds the position of a string.(Microsoft Excel)


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The FIND function is used to find out where a string is located.
It is often used in conjunction with other string functions.
alone, it is often used to determine whether or not a string exists.

How it works

=FIND(find_text, within_text, start_num)
find_textRequired argument.
String to search.
within_textRequired argument.
String containing find_text.
start_num1Starting position of the search.


Basically, it is used as in the sample below.

If find_text exists in within_text, the result is the start position of find_text, otherwise a #VALUE error is returned.

Example of determining whether it exists.

Create formulas with IF and ISERROR functions.

=IF(ISERROR(FIND( find_text ,within_text )),"Not Exists.","Exists.")

If a FIND function is specified as an argument to the ISERROR function, the result is as follows

Result of the FIND function.Result of the ISERROR function.
find_text is found by the FIND function.FALSE. No error.
find_text is not found by the FIND function.TRUE. Error.

Since a boolean value can be an argument of the IF function as it is, it must be written as the first argument.
FIND and ISERROR functions are written as the first argument.
The second argument specifies the result if not found, and the third argument specifies the result if found.
The third argument specifies the result if it is found.

Difference between the FIND and SEARCH functions.

This function has the same arguments and the same function as the SEARCH function, but there is a subtle difference in the method of judgment.

Upper and lower case letters.Case sensitive.Case-insensitive.
By wildcard Partial Match Search.Impossible.Possible.



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Examples of Use

How to find multiple texts with the FIND function.