FIXED Function. Round a number to the specified number of digits. Then converted to a comma-separated string.(Microsoft Excel)

Japanese version.

The FIXED function converts a number to a comma-separated string.

If you just want to display it, cell formatting is sufficient.
However, the FIXED function is used when you want to combine it with other string manipulation functions.

How it works

NumbersRequired fieldsSpecify the number to be converted.
Decimals2Specify the number of decimal places as a number.
No_conmmasFALSETRUE: No comma
FALSE: 3-digit comma delimited


-2Hundreds place
-1Tens place
0Ones place
1First decimal place
2Second decimal place


Since the result is a string, it is initially left-aligned.

It is recommended to right-align the result since it is difficult to read as a number when displayed as it is.


If you specify range of cells in string, it will be a Spill.



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