MAP function. Decompose cell range and retrieve individual cells.(Microsoft Excel)


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The MAP function is a new function added to Excel in February 2022.

It divides the cell range of the function argument and retrieves the individual results in a Spill.

This is an extension of the LAMBDA function.

How it works

=MAP (array1 to N, LAMBDA function)
array1 to NThe non-last argument is applicable.
Specify the target range.
This range is broken down by cell.
LAMBDA functionThe last argument applies.
Specify the formula to be performed for each cell in the LAMBDA function.


This is used when a Spill cannot be computed by the aggregate function as intended.

For example, the LCM functionand the GCD function For example, LCM and GCD can also be specified as a cell range, so the result will be one.

E1 and E5, F1 and F5 to G3 and G7 to perform the function and
If you want the result to be a Spill, create the formula as follows.A more complex errand is appropriate, as this is all that is needed to simply multiply.




Microsoft Excel Functions Logical

LAMBDA function.

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