ISOMITTED function. Function to define optional arguments.(Microsoft Excel)


Japanese version.

The ISOMITTED function is a new function added to Excel in February 2022.

It is a helper function to the LAMBDA function that determines whether an argument is set or omitted.
This makes it possible to create optional arguments.

How it works

argumentRequired argument.
argument is specified, the result will be False, and
True if no argument is specified.
If the LAMBDA function argument is omitted, the result is 0 in the formula.
However, the ISOMITTED function judges it to be True.
If 0 is specified as an argument, the result is False.


Used in the LAMBDA function.

In the following formula, if argument 2 is omitted, the value of cell A2 is used instead.


If an argument is specified, that value is used.


An argument with nothing specified is calculated as 0.
This is the same result as specifying 0 as an argument.
However, the ISOMITTED function distinguishes between them.