MAKEARRAY Function. Create a range of cells and set formulas for individual cells.(Microsoft Excel)


The MAKEARRAY function is a new function added to Excel in February 2022.
It is a helper function for the LAMBDA function to create an cell range of any number of matrices and set the values of any formula.
This MAKEARRAY function has a similar function.
The SEQUENCE function is more appropriate if you simply want to create a sequential number, and the RANDARRAY function is more appropriate if you just want to create random values.

How it works

=MAKEARRAY( rows, cols, lambda function )
rowsRequired argument.
Number of rows in the cell range to be created.
colsRequired argument.
Number of columns in the cell range to be created.


The following example creates a multiplication table.

The first argument of the LAMBDA function in the MAKEARRAY function is the row index and the second argument is the column index.

The result of the MAKEARRAY function is a cell range, which can be used as an argument to other functions.

The help page includes an example of creating a random list, but this case can be created more succinctly with the RANDARRAY function than with the MAKEARRAY function.



Examples of Use

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Formulas to sort text in cells.

Formula to split text into cells one character at a time.

How to reverse text.

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