How to reverse text.(Microsoft Excel)


Japanese version.

There is no function in Excel that reverses the order of strings, but there is a way to achieve this by combining several functions.


Use the LAMBDA function.

In Excel, where the LAMBDA function is implemented, the formula is completed in one cell.
The formulas utilize CONCAT, MAKEARRAY, LEN, LAMBDA, and MID.


How to do this if there is no LAMBDA function.

A formula divides the text into cells.

This formula uses the IFERROR, MID, LEN, and COLUMN functions.

=IFERROR(MID(text,LEN(text)-(COLUMN()-COLUMN(workStartCell) ),1),"")

The columns in the cell designation must be absolute cell reference. The formula must be copied to the cell to the right by the required number of characters.

=IFERROR(MID($A2,LEN($A2)-(COLUMN()-COLUMN($B2) ),1),"")

Finally, connect them with the CONCAT function to complete the process.