ROW and COLUMN functions. Get the position of a cell column and row.(Microsoft Excel)

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The ROW and COLUMN functions are used to obtain the row and column numbers of a target cell.

The most common use is to assign sequential numbers that can easily be used to add or delete matrices.

They do not have many uses on their own, but when combined with other functions, they can be highly effective, so they are useful functions to remember their existence.

It is similar in name to the ROWS and COLUMNS functions, but they are different functions.

How it works

referenceA cell with a formula.Specify the cell from which to obtain the number.


If the reference is omitted, the number of the cell with the formula is obtained.

ROW function
COLUMN function

Given a reference, get the number of that cell.

ROW function
COLUMN function


If you specify the reference as a range of cells, it will be a Spill.

ROW function
COLUMN function



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