Request detection of errors in Excel formulas.(ChatGPT)

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Learn how to request detection of errors in Excel formulas.

This is useful when formulas do not work as intended.

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Enter the following as an example.

Specify the formula and the behavior you are looking for in the formula.

In an Excel formula, I want to display "100 or more" if A1 cell is 100 or more, otherwise "less than 100". Is this wrong? If you know the correct formula, please let me know.
=IF(A1>100, "greater than 100", "less than 100")

Below is the full text of the response.

Your formula is close, but it is not exactly what you want to display. Here's the correct formula:

=IF(A1>=100, "100 or more", "less than 100")

This formula will display "100 or more" if the value in cell A1 is 100 or greater, and "less than 100" if the value in cell A1 is less than 100. Note that the equal sign (>=) is used instead of just the greater than sign (>), to include the case when the value in cell A1 is exactly 100.

Verification of formulas is necessary because answers are not always accurate. Also, the complexity of using multiple functions will reduce the accuracy in formulas. (In many cases, they are still more accurate than those who are less proficient in Excel.)

In such cases, it may be easier to investigate if the formulas are split up and explained.



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