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It is possible to ask ChatGPT to come up with ideas.

This can be used, for example, as a starting point before a meeting or as a basis for discussion when you want to implement something.

The ideas that ChatGPT comes up with are generally in the general range, and rarely new. However, it is very efficient because it enumerates them in an instant and does not require much effort. Considering the fact that trying to create the same thing manually would be a considerable amount of work, asking ChatGPT's help in generating ideas can be a great advantage.

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Provide as specific a theme as possible and enter "Ideas please".

Then, in many cases, they list ideas.

The answers you will get are basically general, but it will be a big effort to try to come up with these on your own.

You may want to try this three times to gather ideas, as repeating the same question may result in different answers and expressions.

It is also possible to ask for ideas that are not common.

Although it may be presented as impractical, duplicative, improbable, or nonexistent, it will be very effective in supporting ideas, as ideation is an area where looseness is necessary.

Let's dig deeper into the items that interest you. Ideas may expand.

It is better than humans as long as you do not ask for anything too outlandish, although you must ultimately verify if what is presented is accurate or not. This can be a great business advantage, especially when considered as a base for thought.



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