Automated cloud flow.(Power Automate Cloud flows)


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"Automated cloud flow" is one of the ways to activate Power Automate Cloud flow. Detecte an event such as sending an email or creating a file.

How to use

Click on "Create" then "Automated cloud flow".

Specify the "Flow name" and "Trigger" when the "Build an automated cloud flow" dialog box appears.

Triggers vary widely, but the following are typical examples.

E-mail receiveWhen a new email arrives.(Office 365 Outlook)

When a new email arrives.(Gmail)
File createWhen a file is created(OneDrive for Business)

When a file is created in a folder(SharePoint)
File updateWhen a file is modified(OneDrive for Business)

When a file is created or modified(OneDrive for Business)

In the flow, you can access what was the condition of the event in the form of "Dynamic content".

For example, for a file, there is "File content","File path","File name," etc.

For example, in the case of e-mail, there are "To e-mail address", "CC e-mail address", "Subject","E-mail body", and so on.



Introduction(Power Automate Cloud flows)


Offce365 Outlook

When a new email arrives


When a new email arrives