Instant cloud flow.(Power Automate Cloud flows)

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"Instant cloud flow" is one of the ways to activate Power Automate Cloud flow.

This flow is launched from a web browser or mobile device by clicking a button.

It may also be launched from an application such as Excel.

How to use

Click on "Create" then "Instant cloud flow".

Specify the "Flow name" and "Trigger" when the "Build an instant cloud flow" dialog box appears.

In this case, we will create a tool to send an email at any time.

To do so, first click on "New step".

From the "Office 365 Outlook" connector, select "Send an email".

Specify any destination, subject, and body.

Click "Save" to save the flow.

To start a flow from a computer browser, access Power Automate and click the "Run" button under "My flows".

Then click the "Run Flow" button on the next screen.

To start the flow from a mobile device, "Power Automate" must be installed.

Tap the button on the "Power Automate" menu to display the flow, and tap it to launch the flow.

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Introduction(Power Automate Cloud flows)