Send newsletter. Email one line at a time from an Excel book.(Power Automate Desktop)


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This section describes how to read a book that contains one line of destination e-mail addresses and send e-mail one line at a time.

In addition to the items shown in the example, CC, BCC, and attachments can also be specified.

Overall view of Flow

Robin(for copy and paste)

It can be copied and pasted into Power Automate Desktop.

Excel.LaunchExcel.LaunchAndOpenUnderExistingProcess Path: $'''C:\\Test\\Src.xlsx''' Visible: False ReadOnly: True Instance=> ExcelInstance
Excel.SetActiveWorksheet.ActivateWorksheetByName Instance: ExcelInstance Name: $'''Sheet1'''
Excel.GetFirstFreeColumnRow Instance: ExcelInstance FirstFreeColumn=> FirstFreeColumn FirstFreeRow=> FirstFreeRow
LOOP LoopIndex FROM 2 TO FirstFreeRow - 1 STEP 1
    Excel.ReadFromExcel.ReadCell Instance: ExcelInstance StartColumn: 1 StartRow: LoopIndex ReadAsText: False CellValue=> MailAddress
    Excel.ReadFromExcel.ReadCell Instance: ExcelInstance StartColumn: 2 StartRow: LoopIndex ReadAsText: False CellValue=> Name
    Excel.ReadFromExcel.ReadCell Instance: ExcelInstance StartColumn: 3 StartRow: LoopIndex ReadAsText: False CellValue=> Title
    Email.SendEmail.Send SMTPServer: `` Port: 25 EnableSSL: False AcceptUntrustedCertificates: False SendFrom: `` SendTo: `` Body: $'''''' IsBodyHtml: False
Excel.CloseExcel.Close Instance: ExcelInstance

Flow creation steps

First, set up Launch Excel Action and specify the Excel book to open. If you have no particular need to update the book, open it as read-only.

Launch Excelan open the following document
Document pathExcel book to load.
Make instance visibleOFF
Open as ReadOnlyON

Specify the sheet containing the email recipients in the Set active Excel worksheet Action section.

Excel instance%ExcelInstance%
Activate worksheet withName
Worksheet nameThe name of the sheet with the email address.

Next, set up Get first free column/row from Excel worksheet Action.

Set up a Loop.

Start from2
If the first line is not a header, set to 1.
End to%FirstFreeRow - 1%
Increment by1

Place as many Read from Excel worksheet Action in Loop as the number of items to be retrieved.

Start columnColumn number to be retrieved.
Start row%LoopIndex%
Variables producedItem name

Set up an action to send an email in Loop.
If you are sending the message using an e-mail address registered in Outlook, use Send email message through Outlook, Otherwise, use Send email Action.
If you are sending from Gmail, you need to set up the Google side in advance.

If there is a line break in the cell used for the body of the message, it will also be reflected as a line break in the body of the message.
In the case of HTML mail, the tag must be a
Finally, close the Excel book by placing Close Excel Action to finish.

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